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Family of Five Waiting for Repairs to Mold-ridden Home

liduvinagarcia_sbpphotosLiduvina Garcia was born in Guadalajara, Mexico but moved to Columbia 23 years ago. She and her husband have three children and have lived in their Columbia home for 10 years.

Mrs. Garcia did not know or anticipate the severity of the storm that caused historic rainfall and flooding in October 2015. “I was really calm. I got up to go for a walk with my dog and then I realized it was flooding. I was wearing my slippers and then, I was walking into water,” she said.

The flooding was so bad that Mrs. Garcia had to be rescued by boat from her home. She then spent a week in the local shelter. During that time, mold started growing on the walls and ceilings of her home.

They have worked to maintain the home since the flood but continue to see mold growing back. Despite the health risks, they continue to live in the house because they have no other housing options available to them.

Because the Garcia’s don’t speak English, the language barrier made it difficult to ask for and receive assistance. “I don’t speak English. Who do I tell? How do I ask?,” she said. Mrs. Garcia hopes to restore the sense of security her home once gave her.

United Way and our flood recovery partner, SBP, are looking to secure funding to help the Garcia family and the more than 1,200 households that are in need of home repairs. How can you help? Donate or volunteer at

Molly BrantleyFamily of Five Waiting for Repairs to Mold-ridden Home