United Way of the Midlands’ Restoring Hope Project

This year we commemorate. Next year we celebrate. Donate to ongoing flood recovery efforts today.

In October 2015, South Carolina experienced a devastating and destructive 1,000-year flood. As a result of hurricane Joaquin more than 11 trillion gallons of water engulfed the area and swallowed everything in its path – including thousands of homes in Richland and Lexington Counties.

Now, more than a year has passed. As we commemorate this unprecedented event, people’s needs are less obvious, but no less serious. In fact, there are more than 300 families in Richland and Lexington counties who still need help repairing their homes.

Through United Way of the Midlands’ Restoring Hope project, we are asking our generous community to re-energize their spirit of generosity and giving to create enough volunteerism, donations and hospitality to restore households in the next year so that they become safe and livable.

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Our Goals

Join us as we accelerate home recovery efforts for people still affected by the October floods.


We recently honored the two-year anniversary of the 1,000-year flood, and while we have made great accomplishments in our recovery efforts, there is still work to be done. With nearly 300 homes still needing repairs, all contributions are specifically used to help rebuild homes for low-income households. United Way of the Midlands will not receive any administrative fees from resources raised through RestoringHopeSC.org.

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Become a host to generous out-of-state volunteers who are helping accelerate our recovery.

One way many communities accelerate recovery is by inviting out-of-state volunteer repair groups to assist. Many of these groups are faith-based and are made up of both highly skilled and unskilled volunteers who spend weeks to months in disaster-affected communities repairing homes. Many even bring materials and resources for repairs. Almost all of them need temporary housing. To benefit from their generosity, we will need housing with showers and cooking facilities. Churches and recreational facilities are excellent as well as assistance in helping develop a long-term solution at a single site.

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  • You give to these programs all your life while you’re working and you wonder are they really doing anything. But now that I have been living through it I see that it is true. They are legitimate, and they do help people. They come in when you really need it.

    Harriet Tucker
  • There's always hope somewhere, don't give up... because when FEMA turned us down, St. Bernard Project came through for us.

    Vernon Kelly
  • I'm a single mother. There's a lot of damage, so I'm thinking I can't do it by myself...

    Johana Martinez

Join Us

We need volunteers in many capacities, for current and future needs. Please consider joining our recovery effort.

We need volunteers in many capacities including home repairs, administrative support and data management, skilled volunteers to assist with repair estimates and credentialed counselors to support flood victims and to help those working in the recovery. You can even volunteer by recruiting new partners and helping to spread the word about Restoring Hope through your networks including social media.

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